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Our Rooms



At Shorebreakers Kindergaten our Nursery room cares for children as young as six weeks of age up to two years. Our Nursery room consists of the main learning environment, two cot rooms and a spacious outdoor learning area and veranda. Within this room we have three educators whom care for a maximum of 12 children per day. Our educators within this room follow a routine that is calm and nurturing, whilst being flexible to each child's individual needs. This routine involves the implementation of a learning program throughout the day that caters for the varying developmental stages, and allows for relationships and connections to be made between the children, families and our educators.

Toddler Room

Our Toddler Room is one of our more energetic rooms at Shorebreakers, with a maximum of 19 children per day, educated and cared for by four educators. The children within this room age from two to three years and follow an established routine that allows for the predictions of changes within their day. Within the Toddler room the educators aim to grow and establish self-help and independence skills within the children through spontaneous and intentional teaching times. Their learning programs further provide opportunities for exploration and experimentation, and include moments for reading, music and movement, arts and crafts as well as construction and dramatic play.

Transition Room

Our Transition Room is a unique space where a maximum of ten children spend each day with an Early Childhood Teacher developing the skills that will prepare them for their transition to the Preschool Room. The program offered within the Transition room provides opportunities for children to learn the foundation skills that will ready them for formal schooling, in company of developing traits including self-expression and emotional wellbeing throughout the learning spaces.

Preschool Room

Our largest room at Shorebreakers is the Preschool Room with a maximum of 20 children a day. Our Preschool Room offers a preschool program implemented by an Early Childhood Teacher that provides open-ended opportunities for the children to investigate, explore and create through a variety of mediums and materials. Moments for small and large group learning are embodied within the curriculum and build on the children's foundation skills of counting, knowledge of the alphabet, writing, social skills and independence.