Welcome to Shorebreakers Kindergarten!

Shorebreakers Kindergarten is a purpose designed Child Care Centre built to comply with `Industry Best Practice Guidelines'. It was opened in 2001 and since that time has been maintained to the highest standard.

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Centre Philosophy

`Shorebreakers Kindergarten is an Early Learning Centre where children are provided with high quality care while being given the opportunity to learn in an environment that supports and encourages play, social and personal development.‘

This statement of philosophy has been developed and guides all aspects of the services operations and is under-pinned by the following basic beliefs and assumptions relating to Centre’s core clients, namely, the child, the parents and the staff at the Centre.

The Staff

The staff are dedicated child care professionals working together as a team to provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment for the children in their care.

All staff are respected as individuals regardless of their cultural background, gender, beliefs and attitudes. Individual skills, efforts and achievements are recognised and appreciated. Each staff member’s contribution is respected and valued.

The Owners

Shorebreakers Kindergarten is a family owned business. The partners are Mac and Jeanette Shimeld, and their daughter and son in law, Kate and David Hughes. Mac and Jeanette have had many years teaching and educational management experience as well as being both parents and grandparents.

David is a carpenter by trade and Kate is a Registered Nurse. As the parents of young children, they are well positioned to understand the needs of working parents seeking quality care for their children.