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What to bring to Shorebreakers

  • Parents are required to supply bottles and pacifiers for their children if they are required.
  • Parents are required to provide infant formula for children under twelve months old
  • Staff are able to prepare infant formula at the Centre only if the formula has been measured by the parents, is in an airtight container and a bottle must also be provided with an accurate measurement of boiled water in it.  Alternatively, bottles with pre-prepared formula or breast milk may be provided.
  • Children must have a bag or backpack.
  • Two to three changes of season appropriate clothing, no singlet tops.
  • Extra underpants when toilet training.
  • A wide brim (at least 5cm) hat for the summer months and beanie is recommended for the winter months.
  • A warm jacket for the winter months and the fringe seasons.


We request that anything that is brought to the Centre from home MUST be clearly labelled.  This includes bottles, dummies, blankets, teddies, clothing