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Transition Room

The Transition Room as the name suggests is where transition, or change takes place.

The children move from the Toddlers Room into the Transition Room in readiness for the Pre-School Room.

The room caters for our children who are three years of age and aims to provide experiences which appeal to their interests and curiosity as well as introducing early educational concepts.

The Transition Room and its program are set up to incorporate all aspects of the early childhood curriculum as well as providing a diverse range of activities for the children.

In our group time sessions the children are encouraged to participate as part of a group in a range of activities which promote creativity, expressive and receptive language skills and develop an appreciation for literature and music.

In our dramatic play area the children experiment with, and become involved in different role-play situations as well as engaging in levels of associative and cooperative play.

The construction area allows the children to build their own creations as well as incidentally teaching then concepts such as size, height, balance etc.

The fine motor area of our room is where the children are involved in activities, which foster their hand eye coordination and cognitive skills.

Finally, our reading area provides a peaceful place where the children can look through a book individually or share it amongst friends.