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The Program

Shorebreakers Kindergarten ensures that the educational program reflects the interests of the children.  Our program is based on the fundamentals Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF).  EYLF emphasises the planning needs that emerge from the children and adults as they work together throughout the day.

Shorebreakers Kindergarten encourages children to become involved in interest based activities, which enables them to develop their capabilities and challenge their strengths.

We pride ourselves in a specific focus on the key aspects of this National Program “Becoming Being and Belonging” in collaboration with the key learning outcomes.

The EYLF incorporates the children’s interests, the environment, resource material, living together, teacher interests, the community, unexpected events and from the values and cultures of the children and staff.  When the program draws on the personal experience of the children it will become more meaningful and their interests will be prolonged.

We believe the value of play is of utmost importance to children. While children are playing they are able to express their creative ability, release emotions and can share their feelings.