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Picking Up

Parents/Carers are to enter a secured area and register with a staff member their intention to pick up their child/ren. Bags and possessions located in areas other than where the children are currently being supervised can be accessed entering the playrooms via the sliding doors off the veranda. As for drop off, when the parent/carer wishes to leave the ‘secured area’ a request is to be made to a staff member to unlock one of the exit doors and allow the parent to leave. Please note, a person picking up your child from the Centre must be nominated and authorised by you to do so. If this person is not noted on your child’s enrolment form, an authorisation must be provided in writing, signed by you. If this person is unknown by staff, they will be required to provide photo identification. If there is any doubt re the identity or the legitimacy of the person, your child will be kept at the kindergarten until you can make alternative arrangements. You will be advised by phone should this situation occur.

Once again, the parent/carer must ensure that they have signed their child/ren out of the kindergarten in the ‘kiosk’ located in the entrance area. This must be done after taking over responsibility for your child/ren from the staff supervising them in the ‘secured area’.

It should be noted that once a parent leaves a secure area after collecting their children, they have taken over the responsibility for their supervision and care even if they are still in the building.