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Parent Complaint Procedures

It is acknowledged that some parents/carers of children attending Shorebreakers Kindergarten may from time to time feel dissatisfied with the level of service provided at the Centre. If this is the case, we invite you to let us know of your concerns. Our policy is to pay prompt attention to any complaints & make all reasonable efforts to resolve any matter brought to our attention. Our goal is to provide the best service in the district & if we are to do this, we cannot afford to have unhappy customers.

If you have a concern & wish to make a complaint we ask that you follow the following procedures.



Report To

Possible Action

Timing for Complaint Resolution

  1. If the complaint is with a particular staff member’s behaviour, tell that person of your concerns & give them the opportunity to take remedial action. è


  1. If the complaint is an educational matter è



  1. If the complaint is a service or management matter è
  2. Relevant staff member






  1. Nominated Supervisor or Educational Leader
  2. Director


1.1 -1:1 discussion, with agreement reached






2:1 discussion

explanation & complaint resolution


3:1 discussion è  explanation & complaint resolution

1 – 2 days







1 – 2 days


1 – 2 days

  1. If you feel uncomfortable with this, &/or you feel that your concern won’t be taken seriously or satisfactorily dealt with, please take them to the people listed in reporting column è

In the first instance, it would be expected that these complaints will be verbal, however, if you prefer, you may wish to put your complaint in writing addressed to the relevant party.

4.1  Areas 1. & 2. the Director

4.2  Area 3 to the Business Manager.

4.3  Initial meeting between parent & Centre representative

4.4  Matter investigated, with interviews conducted with & between all parties concerned.

4.5  Negotiated outcome reached

4.6  Remedial action taken

Within 1 week of reporting
5              If after having brought your complaint to the attention of those listed in 4. above, & giving them the opportunity to investigate & take necessary action, you still do not believe that the matter has been resolved to your satisfaction, please feel free to report the matter to the NSW regulatory body.è


NSW Early Childhood Education and Care Directorate

Department of Education & Communities

Ph. 1800 619 113


Locked Bag 5107


Action as appropriate.


In conclusion, we have a commitment to providing high levels of customer satisfaction and hope that all matters can be resolved in-house and seek your support in assisting us to make Shorebreakers a Centre where parents and staff can work co-operatively in the best interests of the children J.