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Occupational Health & Safety

Shorebreakers Kindergarten has an OH&S management plan which takes into account the requirements of relevant OH&S legislation, regulations, code/s of practice, advisory standard and Australian Standards where applicable. The policy applies to all persons employed and/or contracted by Shorebreakers Kindergarten as well as to all persons who visit the centre.

Shorebreakers Kindergarten applies ‘due diligence’ at all times to maintain a safe and healthy work environment aimed to protect all those involved in the provision of the service, from potentially adverse health and safety issues.

Documented procedures have been developed for:

  • employer and employee OHS roles and responsibilities
  • workplace consultation
  • risk management as it applies to OHS
  • audit and review procedures
  • record keeping and document control
  • appropriate work practices
  • the use of equipment
  • the provision of first aid
  • emergency procedures
  • reporting and investigation of accidents, incidents, hazards and near misses.

This policy and the service’s performance against the stated objectives will be reviewed annually and/or as required in line with any changes to legislative/regulatory requirements.

All person(s), visitors, other than permanent employees, the children and their families, at or near the service environment are:

  • only permitted inside Shorebreakers Kindergarten after identification and approval by a permanent employee of Shorebreakers Kindergarten
  • are required to sign in on arrival and sign out on departure in the visitor’s book
  • required to follow our OHS policy and safety procedures to ensure their health and safety and the health and safety of others in the service

Parents are welcome to review the Centre’s OHS policy which is stored in the document holder adjacent to the sign on area.