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Meals and Menu

All children are given well balanced; interesting foods and the menus are displayed on the notice board in the foyer area and posted on storypark weekly. Children are given the following meals every day: Morning Tea; Lunch; Afternoon Tea; Late Afternoon Tea for those children still at the Centre at 5:00PM.

All the children are encouraged to taste their meals but they are not forced to eat. Please advise of any dietary requirements your child may have, they will be taken into account in the menu planning. Poor eaters are given small helpings so they may feel successful when they have finished their meal. Food is never withheld from any child.

All meals and menus take into account multiculturalism and various multicultural foods have been chosen for our menus.

Water is available to all children at all times throughout the day.

Children are encouraged to become independent with their eating, eg. using utensils, serving themselves, and tidying the table. They are encouraged to practice appropriate hygiene, eg. Washing hands before meals. Educators attempt to promote a pleasant social atmosphere and good table manners at meal times.

Our meals are prepared by a qualified chef.