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Hand Over Responsibilities – Dropping Off & Picking Up Children Entering the Kindergarten

If dropping your child off by car, please ensure you drive into the car park using the appropriate ‘in and out’ driveways and park in one of the marked parking positions. The speed limit inside the car park is a maximum of 5kms per hour. There are two sets of steps and a ramp leading from the car park to a covered pathway leading to the entrance door. Please ensure your children go straight from your car to one of these entranceways and do not loiter in amongst the cars.

If entering by foot, please use the path and ramp located on the southern side of the Monaro Street entrance, and avoid crossing the car park.

A number of security arrangements are in place to ensure that there can be a managed hand over of responsibility at the beginning and end of the day between parents/carers and Centre staff, namely:

  • “Secure Areas”. Access to and from these areas will be limited to Nominated parent/carers. These areas will be: the playground, and the toddlers/transition and pre-school rooms.
  • Locks in the doors leading to the “secure’ areas. These locks are designed to allow unrestricted entrance into the rooms and keyed exit.

This means that parents/carer can freely enter the areas to drop off and pick up their child but can only gain exit from the area/s by having the door opened with a key by a staff member. They will also restrict children’s access to other less secure areas in the building.

Parent access to the Centre will be via the front door, through the entry area and into the secured areas by either the Transition Room door, the Pre-School room door or the door leading out to the playground. Once in one restricted area, access through to the other restricted areas where the children are being supervised is via the playroom sliding doors and the verandah. Parents are asked to ensure that the doors close behind them and not to allow any children out of the secured areas until they have registered their presence and their intention to pick up a child with a staff member. They are also asked to make sure that no children accidentally leave the secured areas during their entry and exit.