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Excursions/Special Visits

Excursions may be offered to the children as part of their activities. These can include walking trips to Pambula Public School, the Pambula Shopping Centre as well as bus trips to local areas of interest, e.g. the Eden Whale Museum, Yellow Pinch Park, the Merimbula Aquarium or Oaklands. Parents will be advised of all details and asked to sign permission authorities if they wish their child to take part.  We acknowledge that excursions are a valuable part of children’s learning. The Centre relies heavily on parent involvement for excursions.

We also encourage parents who work in occupational areas that could interest the children, to visit the Centre and talk to the children about what they do. We have had visits from the Police, Fire & Ambulance, as well local Fisheries Officers and Dentists. Any contribution parents can make in this way is greatly appreciated by the staff and the children.