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The Child

  • Each child is an individual that needs love and acceptance
  • Children need a caring environment that allows for spontaneity, yet has the security of a familiar routine and one that is filled with the potential for learning from both the educational experiences provided, and routine and transitional situations.
  • Each child has unique patterns of development with the right to have their physical, social, emotional, creative cognitive and language skills be strengthened in accordance with their individual character and potential.
  • All children are respected as individuals regardless of their cultural background, gender, beliefs and attitudes. Individual skills, efforts and achievements are recognised and appreciated
  • The aim of all interactions with children is to foster positive self esteem, independence and provide challenges to enable successful outcomes
  • Children learn most effectively through play and `hands on’ experiences in a relaxed, friendly and supportive environment.
  • The children’s individual learning styles and interests must generate the content of the learning programme with the staff having the carriage to design and adapt the learning experiences to accommodate these interests