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Babies Rooms

As the learning process begins at birth, the infant program aims to provide a safe, warm, nurturing and stimulating environment. Routines such as feeding, resting and nappy changing are significant elements of the day and provide positive opportunities for learning and time for quality adult-child interaction.

Our room is set up to give babies the opportunity to play and explore their environment. We aim to provide an environment that is safe where babies can develop through our program.

Fine Motor and Cognitive Development.

Here we provide children with a varied range of manipulative toys, puzzles,posting boxes, which are appropriate to their stage of development. They can learn about objects in their environment and develop newfound skills.
Social Emotional Development.

Refers to the ability to interact within a group of children it enables babies to express a range of emotions and develop relationships with peers and carers. We are at all times developing relationships.
Gross Motor.

Babies use motor skills to explore the world around them. In the Babies Room we provide them with opportunities to develop in this area by setting up varied gross motor skill activities for babies to explore and extend their skills, in a happy, safe, and secure environment.

Babies listen to the sounds they hear around them. They notice differences insound rhythm and pitch. They need to hear lots of speech before they developtheir own. In the Babies Room we continuously talk to the babies, play games, listen to music and read stories to help extend and develop their language.
Group time.

We aim to have a daily group time where we can sit as a group, singsongsencouraging babies to join in and follow actions. Read a quiet story.